“Charles Dickens Superstar” – The Presentation

You will be entertained, amused, and no doubt learn something new about Dickens, in this fast-paced and unique Multi-Media Performance Presentation, Charles Dickens Superstar, which includes a review of Dickens’s novels & characters, including ‘The Artful Dodger’ and ‘Wackford Squeers’, pop-off-the-screen 2800 lumens photos, site specific videos, and selected music. Join Jim and hear his stories, as he walks, ‘Tubes,’ trains and Chunnels his way around Europe to Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, France; Portsmouth, Rochester, Windsor and London, England.

Charles Dickens PresentationHear about Dickens’s work as a reporter, writer and editor of newspapers and periodicals such as the ‘London Daily News,’ ‘Household Words,’ and ‘All The Year Round’.

Find out about Jim’s ‘All-Dickens Characters’ baseball team, including Oliver Twist at 2nd Base and Nicholas Nickleby at 3rd. Perhaps the only Dickens team ever to “Play Ball!”

Find out about Jim’s trip to Philadelphia in February of 2012, where he joined other members of the Philadephia Dickens Fellowship (seven-year member) in the Azalea Room of the Omni Hotel, where on the evening of February 7, 2012 the membership toasted (at precisely 6:59 p.m. EST) to the Inimitable and Immortal Memory of Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens Superstar was listed in Dickens 2012, a web site that listed, in five categories, Dickens actvities that took place, world-wide, in the Bi-Centenary year of Dickens’s birth, Feb 7, 1812. It was co-ordinated by the Charles Dickens Museum, London, and Film London, in association with the Dickens Fellowship.

Audience comments have included:

“Incorporating many aspects of the man, his works and his birthday, Jim created a captivating presentation demonstrating how and why Dickens still remains relevant today.”

“Superb presentation. Well done! Thanks for coming to Philadelphia.”

“Our sincere thanks and congratulations go out to Jim, along with our hopes that he’ll have opportunities in the future to share this wonderful program with other members of the Dickens Fellowship.”

“Just wonderful – I could feel your love for Dickens. Come back again, please.”

“ … classy and fun.”

“ … a wonderfully complete and amusing summary of an un-summarizable guy.”

“ I must thank you Jim for the wonderful presentation you entertained us with yesterday and also so informative. Your great sense of humor and your interpretations were, well what can I say, humorous. Please come again, we would love to have you!!!!!!!”

“A lot of great, interesting info presented well.”

“Jim is very knowledgeable about Dickens. Took time to explain Dickens life, style of writing and resources a person could look at for more information on Charles Dickens.”

“Good use of visuals.”