Philadelphia Dickens Fellowship chapter members at the Charles Dickens Superstar Multi-Media Performance Presentation, Spring 2012


“Superb presentation. Well done! Thanks for coming to Philadelphia.”

“Just wonderful – I could feel your love for Dickens. Come back again, please.”

“ … a wonderfully complete and amusing summary of an un-summarizable guy.”

“ … classy and fun.”

“ I must thank you Jim for the wonderful presentation you entertained us with yesterday and also so informative. Your great sense of humor and your interpretations were, well what can I say, humorous. Please come again, we would love to have you!!!!!!!”

RVC/CLR: Rock Valley College
Evaluations from class members re Charles Dickens Superstar multi-media presentation, Spring 2012


“A lot of great, interesting info presented well.”

“Jim is very knowledgeable about Dickens. Took time to explain Dickens life, style of writing and resources a person could look at for more information on Charles Dickens.”

“ Good use of visuals.”

“Very good on explaining the novels and the characters.”

Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: former colleagues

“Throughout the years, I have witnessed thousands of presenters. One of the best presenters I’ve ever seen is Jim Forsell.”

“You were a clear, organized and effective speaker who made use of props, handout materials, anecdotes and examples. Your sense of humor and timing kept everybody’s attention throughout your speech without disrupting the flow of information.”

“Dynamic! Motivating! Outstanding creative speaker. Persuasive and clear, in thought and speech.”

“Jim was able to captivate and keep the attention of the audience through his unique and entertaining style. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.”

“Jim is an accomplished presenter & speaker.”

“Jim knocked our socks off with an inspiring, motivational presentation.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Jim’s presentations. He can take material as stimulating as a mouthful of sawdust and water and turn it into a party.”

“Jim Forsell is a consummate professional and his presentation skills rank among the best. His sense of humor and relaxed manner always put his audience at ease.”

“… top/down, enthusiastic delivery of well-organized material, a ‘Good Show Well Done!”